some more notes from cocktail napkins....Time to replace The NCAA with The Man!

In light of the NCAA's latest train wreck, the incompetent and unethical two and a half year investigation of Miami of Florida it's time for some changes that are long over due. It's time to for a sanctioning body that does it's job in a timely fashion and while were at it how about an organization that actually gives a crap about the college football fan!

It's about time the 5 relevant conferences (The ACC, BIG 10, BIG 12, PAC-12 & SEC) grew some balls and told the NCAA to get lost. Form a new sanctioning organization to oversee college football if not all of collegiate athletics.

Simplify the rule book from the NCAA's inane phone book sized list of nonsensical secondary violations to a pamphlet everyone from an AD to the average fan can understand. The new organization could be called REF...Rules Enforcement Federation, or any other acronym that makes sense. Hell, you simply could call it The in "The Man says we will have an 8 team playoff and it starts this year"...or "Uh oh The Man is on campus looking into how Jones got a free Camaro".

The Man would replace The NCAA and all it's stuffed shirt, white bread with mayonnaise bureaucrats like Mark Emmert.

The Man would have 90 days to investigate any malfeasance by an athletic program and render a judgement...period.

The Man would leave the grandstanding in something as awful as Sandusky/The Penn State case to the local politicians and prosecutors . The Man would tell bowl games and their idiotic committee members to drop dead. "What's that Rose Bowl? Ya don't like the playoffs folded into your bowl game without a classic Big 10 team, no problem we'll take The National Semi-Final pitting Oregon and LSU down the street to The LA Coliseum or over to Jerry World or The Georgia Dome. Enjoy your parade and that epic tilt between San Diego State & #18 Iowa".

The Man would oversee the expanded football championship playoffs.

How ridiculous is it that the NCAA was never ever involved in the BCS? Let alone never lifted a finger to create a playoff for football while every other sport decides their champion through an elimination tournament. Frozen Four, Final Four, College World Series all the champs get a piece of wood with a Gold NCAA logo on it. But the one sport that generates the most money, TV ratings and above all fan's had to settle with "a mythical champion" like a frigging unicorn? Only to be replaced by the jack leg BCS.

All of this will of course never happen...but just for a minute imagine The Kool-Aid Guy (who works for The Man) busting through a wall smacking Mark Emmert over the head with a two by four and taking over an NCAA rules infractions press conference to proclaim there's a new sheriff in town.

Or maybe Clint Eastwood could be involved? (were talking Clint in his Dirty Harry Enforcer prime, not talking to an empty chair or directing that snoozer J Edgar movie Clint)...Or maybe The Man could be a committee of bad asses like The Dirty Dozen...we'd have to reanimate some of these dudes, but how about...

The Man's College Football Playoff Star Chamber...with Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson along with Jim Brown, Ray Nitschke, Burt Reynolds and The Head Man...The Honcho... a former USC football player named John who's with me?

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