It's a rainy day in The Big Easy, waking up with an axe in my head from the Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's last night, the big story continues to be the SI article about supplements that Ray Lewis alledgedly took to help heal his torn triceps. I had never heard of deer antler spray before yesterday. It's apparently a another form of human growth hormone. Who ever heard about this stuff? Other than creepy guys in their fifties who wear Affliction shirts and shave their arms? We had Bill Romanowski on the show yesterday and if ever there was a dude qualified to speak on the subject of wacky supplements he's the guy. Bill said he has tried everything in the world and he thought deer antler extract was a placebo and it's benefits negligible.

Shocking that Sports Illustrated would wait until Super Bowl week to drop this story, right?

Does anybody really think the NFL would suspend Ray Lewis for his final game on the biggest stage? They have a protocol that would have to play out before they would even consider any type of suspension.

Ray Lewis is still one of the most polarizing figures in Sports, many people still can't absolve him for his involvement in that double murder in Atlanta back in 2000. My take has always been it was bad things happening to bad people at the hands of the bad people Ray Lewis used to pal around with. He tried to cover it up, cut a deal with prosecutors, paid off the victim's families. Victims who were small time hoods who were dumb enough to try and jump some really bad dudes. Ray found Jesus, cleaned up his act. And 13 years later he's one of the poster boys for the NFL. Any residual stigma of Atlanta far enough in his rear view mirror to get an on field hug from Principal Goodell last month.

My biggest beef with Ray is the religious stuff. Nothing makes me more crazy than jocks projecting God and Jesus onto the playing field. I'm a firm believed in the separation of Church and Sport. Keep it to your self bro. It's pure ego that allows star athletes to rationalize that God is a part of their every endeavor. I would believe the big man upstairs has bigger fish to fry than you grabbing an interception or winning the game.

Ray was stone walling reporters asking questions about the deer angler spray at his press conference this morning. He spun it as a nothing story by small minded people. in his words "cowards taking away from men realizing their dreams on the biggest stage" was actually pretty good damage control.

Random notes from Media Day...

Yeah it's as big a circus as you would think. Over 2,000 reporters from all over the world. Guys in Mexican wrestling masks...a radio host from LA dressed up as a Samurai. There was even a rodeo clown, (no idea what his network affiliation was). The best part from my point of view were the tv hotties. Spanish, Mexican and Argentine networks send the hottest mamacitas in skin tight outfits to ask players penetrating questions like "would you marry me?" Meanwhile Gas bag Chris Berman struts around with his bacon strips comb over. His hair line resembles Ben Franklin's lid circa 1787.

Got to meet comedian Artie Lang at media day, nice guy who has far exceeded most of his fans expectations for his life expectancy.

A Dutch reporter asked Jim Harbaugh what is a 49er? To his credit Harbaugh took the time to explain The Great California Gold Rush.

Randy Moss told reporters he was the greatest wide receiver of all time. Which would have been true if he had the dedication of Jerry Rice to go along with his amazing athletic skills.

Joe Flacco thought the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl in NY in 2014 "was retarded" then quickly apologized. He's no brain surgeon but for my money he's the most money QB in the league right now. 8 playoff wins...with 6 coming on the road. As Teddy KGB said in Rounders "pay that man his money". Can't believe that Ravens genius GM Ozzie Newsome would franchise his star QB, how much of an insult would that be? But hey if the Saints did it to Drew Brees...

Looking forward to talking to Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Jerry Rice today on the show...

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