notes from cocktail napkins...

They never make it easy. As Arch said after Matt Bryant's 49 yard game winner," why do we live like this?"

The Falcons came out firing and looked every bit the number one seed heading to the locker room with a 20-0 halftime lead. After Seattle put together a nice drive for their first points Atlanta roared back with it's own impressive 75 yard drive ending with a shovel pass to Snelling for a TD to make it 27-7. The Falcons were eating clock and despite knowing the Seahawks propensity for comebacks (24 unanswered points to beat the Skins in DC a week earlier), almost all us of in The Georgia Dome thought finally the monkey was off this franchise's back...

Then things started to slip. Russell Wilson who was hurried in the first half, now had time to make a sandwich back in the pocket. Zach Miller was wide open all over the field. Then Matt Ryan throws a real questionable toss down the sideline in the general direction of Roddy White. All the momentum swung to Seattle. Wilson to Lynch for 24 yards down to the 3...I thought I was gonna throw up. Partly from the stress, but mostly from the 2 shots of Jager while tailgating. (never a good idea on an empty stomach).

It was like a bad dream, all the energy seemingly drained out of The Dome. Seattle 28-Falcons 27. This cant be happening right? Our we forever cursed?

Then I remembered Matt Ryan's first comeback victory vs the Bears back in 2008. The Falcons had just six seconds to get into FG range for then kicker Jason Elam. I was so pissed about the Bears driving down the field for the game winner (and based on frustration the lost season of 2007) I had head for the exits. I was walking up the ramp to the CNN parking deck when I heard the roar. I had missed Ryan's 30 yard throw to Michael Jenkins and Elam's 48 yard game winner final score 22-20!

So I learned never to leave early with this Falcons team. Same thought yesterday afternoon. 31 seconds 2 timeouts, maybe Matt can exorcise all of this team's playoff demons with one more come from behind win? Still a hell of a long shot.

A throw to Harry Douglas on the sideline and another to Old Faithful Tony Gonzalez and voila! All douche bag Pete Carroll's attempted icing of Matt Bryant did was allow him to take a practice swing. Game over man game over!!!! Well not really Smitty probably should have let the clock run down to 5 seconds before the kick but what ever we got this...right?

Seattle had return specialist Leon Washington but still not a realistic shot right?...then an onside kick!!!! What the hell? Everyone in our section 209 was freaking out How could this happen? Thank God Russell Wilson couldn't get them in range for a long field goal attempt. Julio Jones grabs the INT for the game's final play and now we're one game away from the Super Bowl.

The monkey is off Smitty and Ryan and this whole team's back. You have to believe they will be loose for the 49ers since the Gibraltar sized mental block has been blown up. One thing for certain Mike Smith will have to show more poise with make or break decisions. We relapsed back into the team which plays 3 quarters of football not the steady squad that knocked off the Giants and Saints in The Dome.

Still, with the "can't win the big one" stuff all gone I really like our chances Sunday despite the fact we get the hottest QB on the planet.

Rise up...but after this one I think I'm gonna go pass out...

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