Beemer and the Bald Guy



Rich Beem


Sandy McIlree



About the show

Sunday 8:00AM-9:00AM ET

Beemer and the Bald Guy...talking golf and a whole lot more

This is not a canned show. This show is live Sunday mornings!  Rich and Sandy will break down the final day of the current tournament, talk about other things going on in sports, take calls from the weekend warrior heading to the course and welcome special guests. Some of the perks you get with this show…

- This is a live show, interacting with your listeners, talking about the final pairings of the current tournament and any other breaking relevant sports or other news.

- Rich has lived the life and knows how the tour works and what it takes to win. He gives you a personal connection to what goes on the PGA Tour that no other show can offer.

- Many weeks Rich will be in the city of the current tournament having spent several days on the grounds, interacting with players; so you get an exclusive first-hand, front row seat to the current tournament in progress.

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